High Performance Volume Kernels

Intel® Open Volume Kernel Library (Intel® Open VKL) is a collection of high performance volume computation kernels.

With Open VKL, you can improve your volume rendering application using a wide variety of volumetric data structures, as well as performance-optimized traversal and sampling algorithms.

We optimize Open VKL the latest x86 processors with support for SSE, AVX, AVX2, and AVX-512 instructions, and for ARM processors with support for NEON instructions. Open VKL supports Intel GPUs based on the Xe HPG microarchitecture (Intel® Arc™ GPU) under Linux and Windows and Xe HPC microarchitecture (Intel® Data Center GPU Flex Series and Intel® Data Center GPU Max Series) under Linux. Intel GPU support leverages the SYCL open standard programming language

Open VKL is available as open source under the Apache 2.0 license.

Current Release: v2.0.0

This Open VKL release adds support for Intel® Arc™ GPUs, Intel® Data Center GPU Flex Series and Intel® Data Center GPU Max Series through SYCL. GPU support is currently in beta.

Open Standards

The permissive Apache 2.0 license won't lock you in! Download the Open VKL source code on GitHub and modify it to fit your needs.

Open VKL is built with open source software such as the vectorizing Intel® ISPC compiler and Intel® Embree. Open VKL understands data stored with Open VDB, and can access it without conversion. This is a great way to enable lighting fast vectorized code in your pipeline!