Precompiled Open VKL packages for Linux, macOS, and Windows are available via Open VKL GitHub releases.

Building Open VKL from source

The latest Open VKL sources are always available at the Open VKL GitHub repository. The default master branch should always point to the latest tested bugfix release.


Open VKL currently supports Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. In addition, before you can build Open VKL you need the following prerequisites:

Depending on your Linux distribution you can install these dependencies using yum or apt-get. Some of these packages might already be installed or might have slightly different names.

CMake Superbuild

For convenience, Open VKL provides a CMake Superbuild script which will pull down Open VKL’s dependencies and build Open VKL itself. The result is an install directory, with each dependency in its own directory.

Run with:

mkdir build
      cd build
      cmake [<VKL_ROOT>/superbuild]
      cmake --build .

The resulting install directory (or the one set with CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX) will have everything in it, with one subdirectory per dependency.

CMake options to note (all have sensible defaults):

For the full set of options, run ccmake [<VKL_ROOT>/superbuild].

Standard CMake build

Assuming the above prerequisites are all fulfilled, building Open VKL through CMake is easy: